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Innovative thinking and actions constitute the basis for our corporate philosophy. For more than one hundred years, the company motto has been: high-tech in wood.

Thanks to consistent market orientation and the company’s own research and development department, the group is able to satisfy ever growing customer and market demands. Feasibility, economy and ecology are the main factors and are components of the structured innovation process. On the basis of Delignit – but also on the basis of other useful products.

For instance:

Dunacore ® honeycomb based composite solution - sandwich construction made from renewable raw materials for load-bearing applications

Use, for example, in the area car boot flooring. The three-layered sandwich structure of this flooring is ultra lightweight, self-supporting, CO2-neutral and recyclable.

Panzerholz® Protect 2.0
Composite of steel, wood and GFK
- new development, satisfies highest and certified international safety standards

Use, for example in building protection. This solution represents a lightweight alternative to conventional, mainly steel - based armour protection systems

Wood-CFRP molded part, composite made of beech wood and CFRP - development study of the Delignit AG, which is based on a composite material of wood and carbon fiber and therefore constitutes a very interesting economic and technological material mixing accessory

In addition to the approach of material-efficient use of CFRP, cost and weight optimization potentials can be generated.

Materials with a variety of uses and high technical requirements – developed and designed for innovative solutions.

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